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Super Mini Beam 100 Watt LED
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15 Aug 2015
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Specification of Super Mini Beam 100 Watt LED

Prima LIghting Jaya Pal greetings LED does not feel the weekend has come to enjoy hehehee. well before closing this week with my long vacation abu ihsan will again provide the latest product information from Prima Jaya LED nich. previously we have discussed about the product such as Emergency Bulb Cardilite Watt, 7 4 Head Mini Moving Head, Moving LED Par Zoom and LED 108 times this discussion of the latest products we are Super Mini Beam 100 Watt LED which is a product of uthe current model for a pdate moving head.

Product Super Mini Beam 100 Watt LED has 4 LED lights bright eyes and sharp to spot look also lines of cool lighting. Fungsing moving head 180 degrees makin gives Indigo more and various forms of light display which can be set using the dmx 512 mixer. its stylish mini gives the impression to stage the stage not too large so that it fits but tetep showing sharp spot light function of the produk Super Mini Beam 100 Watt LEDS.

The question of quality is already no need to hesitate with our products because Prima Jaya LED to product warranty warranty 1 year full quality with good after sales servise. Warranty warranty applies to normal usage does not fall, not exposed to the water and is not wrong in the use of Electrical voltages. Super Mini products LED Beam 100 Watt uses Voltage AC220 Volt standard electrical PLN so easily in penggunaan and deployment.

Here's the specs of the product Super Mini Beam 100 Watt LEDS.

Technical parameters:
– Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz
– Power Consumption: 130W
– Light source: 4x25W Super Brightness LEDs
– DMX Channels 3 Channles:
– IP20 protection rating
– Beam angle: 5-40 °
– = 540 ° PAN + pan fine = 250 °, TILT + tilt fine
– Electronic dimmers from 0 to 100% smooth
– Strobe: 1-25 Hz, electroni

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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