Super Ceiling 3 Watt LED
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20 Aug 2015
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Specification of Super Ceiling 3 Watt LED

Good morning Friend LED does not feel time passes so fast until arrived today my back abu ihsan accompany in a product review we sell nich. Back still loyal Prima Jaya LEDS will share product reviews LED lights we sell nich if previously we have discussed about the product LED 7 Watt Cardilite Ceiling, Interior LED the ball both ways, LED Spotlight 5 watts then this morning the product of discussion we are Super Ceiling 3 Watt LED which is a premium productthe best quality UM nich.

Super product Ceiling 3 Watt LED this is a premium product with the brand Luxmen nich with a sturdy body and appearance of balast menjadiknya quality LED the more strong and durable in use. Eye of Super Light Ceiling 3 Watt LED has a durability of up to 30000 hours of usage where usage for quality Prima Jaya LED product warranty warranty up to 1 full year.

The products Sell Super Ceiling 3 Watt LED from Prima j.Aya LED we presented with 2 options of light color that is white and also the color warm white where temen temen could adjust to the needs of interior chic design of the room that will be on show. Power 3 Watt Super products Ceiling 3 Watt LED spot light is able to display up to 4-5 meters distance without losing light lumennya loch, with an eye lights merekat so that the power would have been sharper and highlight more brightly.

Super product Ceiling 3 Watt LED haswhite body with rounded dimensions that are not too large so that the match is applied on the ceiling of your home. With the wide-angle position be changed gives the impression of a more functional for a Super product Ceiling 3 Watt LED. Here are some product specifications and photos of its products from Prima Jaya LED.

Product Specifications

Voltage 190V AC 240V-50-60 Hz
Power consumption 3 W
3 LEDs lamp
Working Lifetime more than 30000h
Working mod

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