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Welcome to Prima Jaya Led. We are a company that established since 2010 engaged in industrial LED Variasi, LED Spotlight, Lampu Panggung, LED Sign, Downlight & Ceiling, LED Sparepart. We were in LTC Glodok Lt. GF 1 Blok B21 No. 8 Jl. Hayam Wuruk Jakarta Barat. Discover the variety of our best products (Laser Show System, LED Selang, LED Interior, Lightning Panggung, LED Running Text, Video Tron) with quality and the best price you can get.

LED SMD 5050 RGB Hose
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Last Updated
19 Oct 2015
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LED Strip

Specification of LED SMD 5050 RGB Hose

Assalamu'alaikum Pal LED everything, does not feel the startup weekend has come back to continue to live the way we proceed in a busy and exciting day. This afternoon I am abu ihsan not bored will provide up-to-date product information product of Prima Jaya LED growing bolder nich complete and quality. If on previous occasions we have discussed about the product LED Sign Open LED light Writing Instructions WIfi, Sign Women WC LED then new products that will beour discussion is Flexible Strip light product model i.e. LED SMD 5050 RGB Hose that uses 220 volts AC power that is sturdy for outdoors.

5050 SMD LED products Hose RGB has a Local electricity power supply with PLN i.e. AC 220 volts with use of their innate power jack. with IP65 Protection rate Products LED SMD 5050 RGB Hose is safe in use inside and outside the room good heat affected maupuh of rain due to veiled PVC transparAnt. 5050 SMD LED Chips using light in the show of light and also durable.

Any length 1 meter product LED SMD 5050 RGB Hose has 60 Lights LEDs with light level and is very suitable in use as indirect light in the ceiling, interior or bangundan trees and sweetener with the colored list. 5050 SMD LED products Hose this RGB RGB LED eyes have that can display light color full Color tables with the help of Controlernya insteadWe can play with the use of just a single appearance either remote color or full Color with the changing of the color yangmenarik.

Power in use for each Meter is 9 Watt lamp function can replace TL As pencahaaan dak ceiling.


Color: RGB Full Color
Protection: Ip 65 Outdoor
Input voltage: AC 220 volts
Length: 50 metres
5050 SMD LED chips:
Controler: Jack Power/Remote

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