Laser Lamp Spark LK 1000 RGB
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18 Apr 2017
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Specification of Laser Lamp Spark LK 1000 RGB

Shalom Pal Lighting does not feel this back in the day I return present accompany temen temen PAL lighting for a review of the latest product from Prima Jaya LED. If earlier we've been discussing about the Green Spider Laser products 8 eyes, Disco Ball Glass 8 inches 20 Cm, Disco Mirror Ball 12 inches 30 Cm so this time our discussion still surrounding the Laser Show System for discos, Karaoke Lounge, Cafe, or other places. The products of our discussion this time is a Laser Spark LK 1000 RGB Laser Show product that is a Premium of Prima Jaya LED to Laser Lighting Products.


Product model Laser Spark LK 1000 this is the RGB Laser animation featuring the motif graphics and animations that we can manage in the form display the results or the fibers. The use of a Laser Spark LK 1000 RGB for discotheque is very suitable with Dim lighting with interesting lighting smoke effect gives the display Lighting effect which is very lively and cool.

Laser ProductsSpark LK 1000 RGB laser eye has the power of 1000 mnw who is divided into 3 basic colors colours Red Laser, Blue Laser, Green Laser where it looks at produce colorful variations of unique and cool. Products Laser Spark LK 1000 this RGB can be applied in a text display with the use of additional software where if we want to display that fits what we want Laser Spark LK 1000 RGB could be the ultimate choice.


Purchase produk Laser Spark LK 1000 RGB it in hardcase for safe with a complement of collision and of course premium product kesarn provide high value. Some large Discotheque in the town of big cities already feel how laser lighting display of Laser products Spark LK 1000 RGB so whether you want to give it a try.

Power: 1000 MNW
Voltage: AC 220 Volt
Model: Laser Animation
Color: RGB Full Color
Warranty: 1 Year

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