Laser Lamp Kolo 1000 RGB

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16 Mar 2023
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Specification of Laser Lamp Kolo 1000 RGB

Shalom LED buddy wherever you are, do not feel any minute weekend approaching us now on Friday that blessed this time again I come back will be a variety of information products from Prima Jaya LED products nich. If previously we have discussed about Lighting products PJU DC 12 Volt 30 Watt, Laser Spark BTF10 RGB Laser Eye Single Spark 5 and this time we are the latest products Kolo 1000 RGB Laser which is a best seller for the model RGB Laser Show nich.

Kolo 1000 RGB Laser Products in this display RGB Lasers to power 1000 MNW with a blend of three basic colors namely Red Green and Blue. animated display produced by Kolo 1000 RGB Laser products is quick and sharp so it is suitable for the concept of a discotheque with a fast track because the track will be in harmony with the view that in produce.

1000 RGB Laser Products Kolo has a small box body but not one cool animated display of laser products are widely applied in some big clubs either the capital Jakarta and outside the city so that it can be the product of Prima Jaya Best Seller LED. At a price not too high but has a sharpness and look cool laser show enthusiasts prefer this product as a laser show display at their premises.

Warranty affairs have no need to worry because we provide product warranty up to 1 year course with the normal use of which does not fall, no one in power voltage and not exposed to water yes. Part Warranty Products are available as a form of after-sales servicing of us so no need to worry about the 1 year warranty from us.

Rate quoted Kolo 1000 RGB Laser products is also quite interesting where you can choose the product with hardcase cover or box cover where the price is certainly different. hardcase Kolo 1000 RGB Laser product is sturdy with an aluminum look and the box cover is strong and elegant.

Power: 1000 MNW

Voltage: AC 220 Volt

Model: Laser Show RGB

Hardcase: Ready

Warranty: 1 Year

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