Lamp Par 56 LED
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16 Jan 2019
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Specification of Lamp Par 56 LED

Shalom Friend LED all in the morning we will start the day, well I am going to a variety of information products sale of Prima Jaya LED the latest nich. If in the previous we already discussed about product Beam Lamp Lighting, 230 Flexible LED Strip 5050 LED Strip Lights red, 5050 Warm White Then this Morning on our newest product is the lamp Par 56 LED lights lighting layout which is most widely used as a variation of the coloring stage.

Product LamPu Par 54 LED this much in use as a mandatory headlight tinting lighting stage. with the appearance of light color spot can provide accent colors on the stage or a spot to place in the main focus of a stage. Lamp Par 56 LED this much in use as part of the show is the most important because the system with display light gives a rousing effect firmly to a certain spot.

Lamp Par 56 LED has powerMaximal is 54 x 3 Watts or equivalent 166 Watts if full color in the show so that the effect of the white world. However, when staining the lights display only certain colors color then it will not power up to maximal because each eye lights have 3 Watts of power for the lights and the Par 54 LEDS is divided into basic eye lights RGBW or red green blue and white.

Body Lamp Par 56 LED Product using iron babet layers so comfortably in grasp and brush. The use of kipus cooler makes this product more durable and Prima Jaya LED Product warranty for 1 year full of tables for Par Lights 54 LEDS.

The voltage used for the lamp Par 56 LED this is AC 220 volts or electric PLN we can easily use in your Home's electricity.

Lamp Par 56 LED

Prima Jaya LEDS LED lights online store is selling various products product complete lighting lamps and berkuaitas course at affordable prices.Product Lighhting Stage Light, Laser Show System and model of Interior LED we provide.

LED Par lights 54 x 3 RGBW

Products Lamp Par RGBW LED 54 x 3 as Stage Spotlights with colour change RGBW
Voltage: 220 volts AC
Voltage: 12 Volt DC Out
Power: 54 x 3 W
Body: Babet
In/Out: DMX 512
Model: Lamp Par RGBW LED 54 x 3 For Spot Lighting with DMX 512

Price: Rp.

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