Lamp Par 36 LED
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Par 36 LED products this is a colorful spot light model with alloy basic colors red green and blue and its alloys can produce interesting color. lamp Par 36 LED features power 36 x 3 Watt max power so when the lights on is a 108 Watt.

Users quite easily because we only need to connect on electricity 220 volts AC and PLN controlnya quite easy with the use of manual control in the hands of the lamps Par 36 LED. temen temen can alsousing the mixer DMX 512 Par 36 lamp to set LED this to be more convenient and attractive jjuga.

For product quality Par 36 LED is not in v again where each light has an endurance of up to 30000 hours of usage and prima jaya led product warranty warranty up to 1 full year. body products Par 36 LED solidly with a cool black babet and also interesting. the focus of the light thus giving the effect of light color and sharp also far within a period

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