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LED lamp Par 56 Lighting
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LED Par 56 Lighting products this is a model of the stage lights with a colorful blend of spotlight concept RGBW LED 3 Pcs with 54 Watts. The use of LED lamp Par 56 Lighting is very easy which can be fitted on the bottom of the stage and at the cable car at the top of the stage of course only with the use of Local electricity PLN AC220 volts.

The use of functions on the LED Par 56 Lighting it can be done with manual buttons on the aft side of the lights or use DMX MixER 512 so easy in turn of what color you are going to want in. LED lamp Par 56 Lighting is widely used in the model of colorful lighting so that the spot on the broadcast look more colorful and festive. 2 bracket grip on the unit LED Par 56 Lighting serves as a holder for the bottom or the top of the mounting hangers.

The focus of the light in the distance mengjangkau can generate up to 20-30 meters without reducing the light values in show

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