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Welcome to Prima Jaya Led. We are a company that established since 2010 engaged in industrial LED Variasi, LED Spotlight, Lampu Panggung, Downlight & Ceiling, LED Sign, LED Sparepart. We were in LTC Glodok Lt. GF 1 Blok B21 No. 8 Jl. Hayam Wuruk Jakarta Barat. Discover the variety of our best products (Laser Show System, LED Selang, LED Interior, Lightning Panggung, LED Running Text, Video Tron) with quality and the best price you can get.

Energy-saving LED light 9 Watt
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Last Updated
19 Mar 2019
Minimum Order
Bulp E27

Specification of Energy-saving LED light 9 Watt

Assalamu'alaikum Pal LED back meet me ABu ihsan to a meeting product review product Selling Prima Jaya LED nich. If earlier we already discussed about the product such as Cardilite LED light bulb 3 Watt LED Light Bulb, 5 Watt, Videotron LED Full Color PH10 so this time our discussion product i.e., energy-efficient LED lights 9 Watt is also a superior product from Prima Jaya LED nich.

Energy-efficient LED lighting products 9 Watt it is modelLED lights are energy efficient and durable. As we know the products LED lights have a level higher durability than conventional lights, and of course power light. With a power light but equivalent to conventional light bulbs with power 3 times making expenses Listrk being more frugal.

The question of the quality of the model of energy-efficient LED lighting products 9 Watt is no doubt again because we guarantee garansi products up to 1 full year with new lamp replacement. body products Cardilite 3 Watt LED Bulb is sturdy with a charming line of iron is very effective in giving lights heat dissipation effect durability of the lamp.

Model Fitting energy-saving LED lights product 9 Watt uses fitting E27 lamp fittings model home is so that we can use as a replacement for conventional light at home or in our room. Angle Light hingGA 180 degrees, with a light dent blastik dove anti burst. Here we show the model of energy-efficient LED lighting products 9 Watts in the form of real products of the collections Prima Jaya LED.

Product Specifications

Voltage 190V AC 240V-50-60 Hz
Power consumption 9 W
Lamp SMDLED Chip
Working Lifetime more than 30000h
E27 Screw Model
Light White/Warm White
Material Metal
Diameter 6-7 CM
NW 0.25 KG

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