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Glass Downlight LED lamp 6 Watt
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Sell Glass Downlight LED lamp 6 Watt

Specification of Glass Downlight LED lamp 6 Watt

Assalamu'alaikum Pal today I want to share product information back to sell cool LED lights and quality. If the previous day product that we discussed was a product of the thin Round LED Panel 6 Watt, LED Ceiling Outbo 3 Watt, LED Ceiling 3 Eye 1 Watt LED Downlight, glass box 12 Watt and today we discuss which products are Glass Downlight LED Lamp 6 Watt which is a model of LED lights as a replacement for Conventional downlight.

Produk Glass Downlight Lamp LED 6 Watt has a spherical shape with an attractive glass list. large Glass Downlight LED Lamp products 6 Watt has a length of 4 inches with the use of a 220 Volt AC power which is a local electric PLN so it is easy to wear in the use of the lights of home. Power LED Downlight Lamps Glass products 6 Watt small enough and save energy with the power of light up to 3 times that of conventional products so as to reduce the cost of electricity expenditure.

Users60s lamp Downlight LED 6 Watt Glass is easily where we just need to hollow out a 3-inch ceiling with mounting ear hook which is closely attached to the ceiling of the House. for light colors available for Glass Downlight LED Lamp products 6 Watts are two namely white and the color white or yellow wam warm that many used for authorized as a local interior pencahaan.

the quality of the product does not need to be in v as we guarantee the product guarantee up to 1 full year unt

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