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Interior LED Two-Sided Pink
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Specification of Interior LED Two-Sided Pink

Greetings all back Lighting Buddy meet me Abu ihsan in product reviews of new products from Prima Jaya LED nich. If on previous occasions we already discussed about product products such as Laser Spark A500 A500 Spark Laser RGB, RGB LED Wall Two-way COB Fatro then discussion of our latest products from Prima Jaya LED current is LED Interior two side Pink which is a model of interior wall lights are again much in use as a home interior design or placeother commercial venue.

Model Interior products LED the two sides Pink this is a charming wall lighting with a light display on a lamp-shaped stick on the wall. LED Interior form two sides of this Setenga like a Pink circle conjures up a light ORB with interesting menylang focus when it comes to the ceiling or the floor at the point.

For the display Light Interior products LED the two sides Pink is available with various detachmentsAgia color i.e. White, green, red, blue, and White can Wam temen temen adjust with the theme of the interior will be applied. the question of quality is already no need to worry about because Prima Jaya in LEDS ensure the quality of the product with the warranty of the product up to 1 full year, surely with normal use-not affected by water, drop or wrong in the use of electrical voltages.

The Litrik at Interior LED lights to use two-sided Pink this is AC 220 volts that merupakan electric local PLN so it is easy in use. For the installation is also very easy which is readily available off the bracket that can be paste on the wall of your room. Prices are given for the Interior two side LED Pink is very affordable and competitive with the quality given by the product of our products. Below the product specifications that we could tampilakan also display photos of its products.

Product Specifications

Voltage of 90V-240V AC 50-60 Hz
Power con

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