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Green Laser Pointer Presentation Tool
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Product 303 Green Laser Pointer is a laser pointer with a large enough power ie 500 mm with a range of distances up to 3 km loch. the product is widely used as a complementary part of the construction, the pointer meetings or other uses that require a straight light marks with distances.

Use of Green Laser Pointer 303 product is easy enough where we only need to press a button to activate the laser light. Caash battery usage that has been available in package units make it easy and do not need to provide an extra battery for enough cash anymore rechargeable batteries. there is also a safety lock for children so it is not easy to wear and indiscriminate use by children.

There are two models available to see in Green Laser Pointer 303 is the focal distance of the point and animated spots that can be played. led buddy can provide this laser applications for a variety of other useful activities must not be made of materials that are not useful tools fad yes. 303 Color Green Laser Pointer is a bright green light intensity is very high so it is very dangerous if exposed to the eye.

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