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Cardilite LED downlight Lamp 9 Watt
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Sell Cardilite LED downlight Lamp 9 Watt

Specification of Cardilite LED downlight Lamp 9 Watt

Assalamu'alaikum loyal customers prima Jaya LED, this morning I would like to give a review of the products sell the newest LED downlight Lamp from the collections Prima Jaya LED. earlier we discussed the product cool products from light lamp Downlight LED Cardilite 5 Watt, Cardilite LED Downlight 3 Watt LED Set, Snow Falling on a sunny morning in this discussion is current selling products is about Cardilite LED Downlight Lamp 9 Watt display comes with a sleek silver body barud and y lightAng light with lower power.

We knew together that Prima Jaya LED provides a range of products LED lights which is the lighting technology products environmentally friendly electric power use due to its low world lighting is much brighter and equal 3 times the conventional lamp or up to 10 times the ordinary halogen products products. If at home you still use lamp downlight regular accounting thenIt doesn't hurt you to try our flagship products i.e. Downlight Lamp 9 Watt LED Cardilite with model ceiling ceiling with a light spread of light with very low power.

Cardilite LED downlight Lamp 9 Watt has input voltage 220 Volt AC power line voltage rises 160 V to 240 V is safe to ride down your electric voltage. You also do not need an additional power supply because the superbly available reply control lights are indeed special dipakaikan on Cardilite Light Downlight LED 9 Watts. the length of a very bright light and spread this product is suitable for the use of light bulbs at home, Office or other places with an attractive appearance.

There are 2 Options of light color that is white and the color Warm white or yellow warm that you can customize with your lighting needs. Cardilite Lamp LED Downlight product 9 Watt we give warranty of the product up to 1 full year, to guarantee to the

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