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LED Lights Highlight Cardilite
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Specification of LED Lights Highlight Cardilite

LED Lights Highlight Cardilite

This LED Floodlight Cardilite Product uses the IP66 Water Protection Index which kudap water which can hold outdoors exposed to both hot and rain water. Cardilite Products LED Spotlight uses 50 Watt electric power with the use of AC220 Volt electrical voltage which is a local PLN Standard electricity that we can easily use at home, office or other commercial places.

Cardilite Products LED Spotlight is very qualified where our Prima Jaya LED warranty guarantee product up to 1 year as a proof of quality that we provide both the service and the product. Available 2 color choices of light that is white with light index 6000 kelvin and warm white color with light index 3000 kelvin.

Kudap water from Cardilite products LED Spotlight is getting a high enough IP66 rating so no need to worry about the use of outdoor. Body lights Cardilite LED Spotlight is black with a thin model that is easily paired on space where the limited. The use of a bracket can be mounted on the bottom or in the hanging at the top.

Here we show the model of Cardilite LED Floodlight product from Prima Jaya LED collection product photo.

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